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Elusive Landscape was presented at five outdoor locations across Miami from June to October 2010. This work consists of multiple hand-crafted 16mm films depicting the forms and colors of natural landscapes projected directly into the landscapes themselves. All events were free and open to the public.

Artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez brings to this project over 30 years’ experience in hand-crafted 16mm filmmaking, as well as a history of moving image installation, including several works which have included projections in the outdoors. Her work is exhibited internationally in film festivals, museums, galleries, independent venues and public spaces, and she has received numerous grants, fellowships and residency awards for her work.

Unique soundscapes for each site were created by composer and sound designer Ricardo Lastre, best recognized for his work with Las Negras Performance Ensemble, Lucia Aratanha, Giovanni Luquini Performance Troupe, Akropolis Acting Company and the late Jennylin Duany.

Following the five outdoor installations, there will be an exhibition at Diaspora Vibe Gallery showing the films as well as the filmstrips themselves, and a video documenting the entire process of creating and exhibiting this work.

Elusive Landscape: Miami

Photo Catalogue of Highlights from Elusive Landscape

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elusive Landscape: Sewell Park ~ Rolling on the River!

August 14, 2010

Please double-click on the video to see full-screen version.

Little Havana locals who happened to be at Sewell Park on the evening of August 14 were surprised and unanimously delighted by the flickering cocoon of dancing lines and ephemeral images created by our seven 16mm projections into the trees. Ricardo Lastre's amazing theatrical soundscape simulating the rituals and ceremonial drumming of a Misa Espiritual provoked curiosity, laughter and awe all at once. The flickering imagery was visible on both sides of the dense canopy, and was appreciated by those who went by on boats along the river as well as the passersby within the park itself. The effect was gorgeous, and the night absolutely magical. Soccer players, schoolchildren, parents pushing strollers, couples on romantic walks, and old Cuban guys with fishing poles all got in on the good outdoor fun, and we really experienced how a simple, strategically-placed public art intervention can have a tremendous impact on people in the community. Everybody had something to say, and by far most of it was intelligent, insightful, articulate and significant. People absolutely got it! So much for the myth of experimental film being an "elitist" medium. That is the one myth that I have most wanted to smash to smithereens during my entire career. Mil Gracias to all the good people at El Parque de las Palmeras for helping me to do just that.

Again: Thank you to my fine crew of amazing creative professionals.

The next installation of Elusive Landscape will be at Miami Beach Botanical Garden on Saturday, September 11 from 8-10 PM.

Video documentation by Kijik Media
Photos by Luis Olazabal, Blue Jazz Photo

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elusive Landscape: Sewell Park

The next installation of Elusive Landscape will take place at E. G. Sewell Park, 1801 NW South River Drive in Miami on Saturday, August 14 from 8-10PM.

One of Miami's most gorgeous natural environments, nestled near Little Havana, Overtown and Downtown Miami, Sewell Park stretches imperceptibly along the banks of the Miami River, forming an enclave of majestic Royal Palms and Grand Poincianas intermingled with untamed native foliage.

This park has few amenities other than a small playground for children and a few benches, and is ideal for romantic interludes, quiet picnics and dog walking. By day, the pastime is watching boats go by. By night, the view of city lights reflected on the water's surface is dazzling, and breezes from the river make for pleasant strolling through the wooded canopies.

Most times I've been there, there has simply been nobody around. Yet, the park does have a mystical reputation, and people have heard of it if not visited it. You can see it from the 12th Avenue Bridge heading toward Little Havana from the Jackson Hospital area. Known among locals as el Parque de las Palmeras, Sewell Park is a popular spot for Santeria ceremonies, as it provides direct access both to the waters of the river and to the sacred Royal Palms. A perfect place for the union of art and nature.