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Elusive Landscape was presented at five outdoor locations across Miami from June to October 2010. This work consists of multiple hand-crafted 16mm films depicting the forms and colors of natural landscapes projected directly into the landscapes themselves. All events were free and open to the public.

Artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez brings to this project over 30 years’ experience in hand-crafted 16mm filmmaking, as well as a history of moving image installation, including several works which have included projections in the outdoors. Her work is exhibited internationally in film festivals, museums, galleries, independent venues and public spaces, and she has received numerous grants, fellowships and residency awards for her work.

Unique soundscapes for each site were created by composer and sound designer Ricardo Lastre, best recognized for his work with Las Negras Performance Ensemble, Lucia Aratanha, Giovanni Luquini Performance Troupe, Akropolis Acting Company and the late Jennylin Duany.

Following the five outdoor installations, there will be an exhibition at Diaspora Vibe Gallery showing the films as well as the filmstrips themselves, and a video documenting the entire process of creating and exhibiting this work.

Elusive Landscape: Miami

Photo Catalogue of Highlights from Elusive Landscape

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elusive Landscape: Legion Park ~ Video

Please double-click on the video to see the full-screen version.

Thanks to Kijik Media for video documentation.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Elusive Landscape: Legion Park

July 17, 2010

This was a midsummer night of energetic renewal, with many people in attendance and a lot of folks relaxing outdoors with their families. Ricardo's soundscape for Legion Park had a lot of different chapters to it, drawing on the diversity of the neighborhood. Among the highlights of the many audio surprises was a whistle blowing that kept everybody on their toes. The park had a bit more ambient light than we had hoped for and was certainly less spooky than Arch Creek, but the images in the tree canopy were... well, definitely elusive.

Thank you to all who came out to support the project. A special thanks to Park Manager, Coach Kim Sands and the staff at Legion Memorial Park.

Many people asked if they can see the films on screens at some point, and the answer is yes. At the culminating exhibition at Diaspora Vibe Gallery, November 18-25, we will be screening the films on screens and in video monitors, and exhibiting the 16mm filmstrips in light-boxes.

As always, thank you to my amazing crew: Alejandro Contreras, Loriel Beltrán, Raúl Garcia, Alain Almeida from TCB Transfer. We will be flickering once again on August 14 at Sewell Park, on 17th Avenue and NW South River Drive, a much darker and more dense location, which will make for more contrast and visibility.

Photos by Luis Olazabal, Blue Jazz Photo.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elusive Landscape: Legion Memorial Park

The second installment of Elusive Landscape will take place on Saturday, July 17 from 8-10PM at Legion Memorial Park, 6630 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Seven original hand-crafted 16mm films, all of them created especially for this location, and some of them filmed in the park itself, will be projected into the giant oak trees and surrounding landscape. The projections create magical 3-D effects that viewers can immerse themselves in, certainly a new and unusual way to spend a summer's eve in Miami. As always, my home-made all-natural, non-toxic insect repellent will be freely available.

Sprawling eastward from Biscayne Boulevard, Legion Memorial Park transitions you from the bustling hustle of the MiMo business district and the rooster-roaming back streets of Little Haiti to a serene bayside paradise in seconds. This gorgeous gem of urban park space is located on Biscayne Boulevard and NE 66th Street. To enter the park, head East on NE 64th Street and turn left on NE 7th Avenue, which leads you directly to an ample parking lot for park visitors.

For sports enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors, Legion Memorial Park is like a tall drink of water on a hot summer's day, right smack in the middle of the urban vapor. Here you can enjoy a game of tennis or soccer with a breathtaking view of the sparkling Bay, or shoot some hoop under the shade of grand Florida Oaks. Need to launch your kayak or canoe? The park has that covered as well. Triathletes can strengthen their swimming skills by swimming out to Legion Picnic Island, which creates a lovely visual point in the blue horizon, as does the smaller, protected sanctuary of Bird Key, only a little to the north. Skateboarding, soccer, tennis, or just plain-old dog-walking are highly favored here thanks to the shady trees, open space and cooling breezes from the Bay.

For kids, the park offers after-school programs, summer and winter camps, teacher planning days, indoor games and activities such as Cheerleading, Table Tennis, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, and Golf, all managed lovingly by the very cool Park Manager, Coach Kim Sands, a seasoned tennis pro with a 10-year career and No. 46 world ranking (No. 29 in doubles) who played Wimbledon and studied with the legendary Arthur Ashe right here in magic Miami. Coach Sands serves as an amazing role model for some 100 kids in the summer camp, stressing the benefits of fitness and outdoor living, as well as responsibility and team spirit, all with the patience of a saint and a cutting-edge sense of humor.

Legion Memorial Park was founded in 1966 when the City of Miami bought 37 acres of land from American Legion Post 29, on which stood the remains of a 12-bedroom, two-story mansion, once owned by Armour Foods heir William Ogden. The stately coral-façade mansion, designed by architect George L. Pfeiffer, was constructed in the 1910's. Its colorful history includes a stint as an illegal casino in the 1930's, but it now serves as the park's community center, housing a library/tutoring room, computer room, activities area, offices and two large meeting rooms. Neighborhood groups meet here regularly, as room rentals are generally affordable. For more information about the Park's programs and services, call 305-758-9027.

Photography by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez